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I talk to businesses everyday that are aren’t sure where to turn:

They have questions about reaching more people on social media, 

They don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of, 

They feel bombarded by the amount of information and don’t know what will work best for them.


I created a Networking and Small Business Workshop to help small businesses connect with each other and feel comfortable in today’s social media driven marketplace.

So…How Does This Work?


Our Birth and Family Service Professionals networking groups meet monthly in St. Louis.  All are welcome, there is no cost or requirements to attend.


The group is made up of businesses that serve moms and families in a variety of ways from doulas to photographers, health professionals to fitness instructors and all kinds of retail.  


The purpose of the group is to meet and learn about and from other small businesses so that we can help each other grow.  We are there to…

 1. Be a referral to the other businesses

 2. Share ideas and what has/hasn’t worked for us

 3.  Discuss concerns and issues

 4. Be a sounding board for ideas and collaborations

Small Business Workshops

Running a small business is challenging, especially since most of us are experts in our own areas and don’t have a background in marketing, sales or management.  


These quarterly workshops are there to help you learn more about managing a small business, social media marketing, content writing, SEO and all of the services that you might need to operate a business.


These workshops will be held throughout St.Louis AND will be recorded if you are unable to attend.  They are FREE to all businesses that have a current listing with A Mom Around Town and are $10-20 for non-members.


These events will be geared towards businesses that serve moms and families, but would be beneficial for all small businesses.


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About Me

I’m a mom – a busy mom – that has spent hours trying to find a business just like yours.  Whether you are a store, a fitness class, a breastfeeding group, a PPD counselor, a play gym or somewhere to eat…I’ve tried to find you!
I created A Mom Around Town to fill that void and be a one-stop-shop for any parent looking for kid friendly places, parenting support or something to do on a Saturday afternoon.
In working with my listed businesses, I noted a need for more collaboration and teaching on topics that aren’t natural for us service providers.  I’m an Engineer by trade, so Social Media and websites are a whole new world to me too!  I love getting people together to learn and discuss, which is why I’m so excited about this new offering!