Being You

Best Self Series

7 day series to being your best self – tackle one each day: pray, serve, move, breathe, talk, relax, and prioritize.

The Choice to Only Have One

Guest Blog favorite by Nikki Nienhaus and how she came to learn that she was her best self and the best mom possible if she only had one child

The Comparison Trap

Let’s get one thing clear…the success of your children does NOT determine your worth.  Stop comparing to other moms and other kids!

Being The Mom

Moms Accepted Here

My experience as a brand new mom, on my very first visit to a moms group.  I was nervous and anxious and so relieved when I felt accepted.

My “Bad Mom” List

Have you ever slammed little fingers in a car door or not latched the highchair and sent your toddler tumbling?  Get a kick out of the “Bad Moms” list!

Change Your Mom Guilt Forever

Mom guilt is a terrible, awful, evil thing and it can be hard to shake.  BUT this little tip could change that forever.

Why I Let Him Eat Pine Cones

No, pine cones are not high in some obscure nutrient, they’re gross.  But I actually think we should let our kids learn by trying, exploring and discovering.  So let them figure out pine cones aren’t so tastey.

Being The Wife

Married with Kids…Stay out of the Roommate Zone

Marriage can become a game of logistics when kids get involved.  Who has pick up tonight, who has dinner, can someone please take out the trash for the love of everything good!  But married with kids should be more than roommates

How to Enjoy Date Night

Have you ever found yourself out on a date night (which you get like twice a year!) and end up just staring at each other? Yup, me too.

Find A….