Does your schedule feel CROWDED?

You have work (whether inside or outside the house), then T-ball, swimming, soccer and ballet; add in the PTA, boy scouts leader meetings, church activities; the laundry awaits and you need to get your oil changed.  Oh yeah, and everyone keeps reminding you that you need to take time for yourself and keep a date night in tact, so let’s add those to the list too.

Life gets B U S Y and it happens before you even know it.  And with older kids out of school for the summer, you’d think that maybe you’d have a breather but there can be so many added activities that it’s worse!

I just have a one year old, so no school meetings and activities yet and no second kid to run to practice or birthday parties, and I feel booked to the brim, so I can only imagine what it is like with 3 grade-school-aged kids!

So what do we do?  With so many of us feeling like we can’t pack anything else in and also wishing we had more time for ourselves or our marriages, how can we help?


What do we do when our closets are overflowing or our desks are full of papers?  We de-clutter.  We get rid of the things that aren’t benefiting us, that dress that doesn’t fit us anymore, that pen that doesn’t write – we move on from them.

I think we need to do the same with our schedules.

There are items on your schedule right now that are really important to you –  that you love doing or that are adding benefit to your life.  And there are things that simply don’t.  Maybe they used to add value to you or maybe you feel like no one else can or will do it if you don’t.  Maybe you feel like you’d be judged if you stopped doing this or that it is assumed you will do it.

So stop and take 3 minutes, write down what you do that is beneficial to you…

Some of the things will be “have to dos” (hello, I need clean undies) and the others are “want to dos” (like I really enjoy helping at the church’s youth group or I love coaching the soccer team).  But take a look at every single item and make sure that it is something that is adding value to your life.

And if you have kids that do 800 activities, do the same with them.  Is it valuable and beneficial to do swim team,  basketball league, art camp and take those piano lessons?

Now look at your calendar and compare it to that list.

What’s gotta go?

Find those things that are taking up space on your calendar but aren’t adding value and find a way to eliminate them!  Take them off your books and replace the time they took up with those things you want to be doing each day!

Another day I’ll get into saying “no” (right now I’m still learning how!) so until then THIS article can help you phrase your “I’m Outta Here” speech and THIS one can help you say no in the first place.

I tend to feel like I always need to be busy – go, go go.  But I’ve been learning that being busy isn’t the same as being fulfilled.  Having a full calendar doesn’t mean I’m happy, doesn’t mean I’m successful, doesn’t mean I’m all that!  So if I only have so much time in the day and so many days in the year, I want to make sure they are filled with the things that I love, activities that I enjoy, and of course laundry, because there is always laundry!

I’d love to hear what you’re crossing out – leave a comment and let us know!