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 Our directory is the fastest and most effective way to be found.  Your directory profile lets moms learn about you, your services and ultimately why they should be your customer.  Moms can search for you through the directory search bar and on individual resource pages.


Get more traffic to your website  through our sidebar or header ads, promotional blogs, featured blog or top search results within directory.  Each can be purchased a la carte or as an Ad Package.  Advertise your newest event, product or service!

You are locked into your initial pricing unless you cancel.  
Directory Packages auto-renew, to cancel email info@amomaroundtown.com.  

Directory + Ad Package ($97)

1 year business profile in the directory plus ad package (valued at $55). 1 Featured Blog, 1 Promo Blog and a 1-week 300 x 250 pixel sidebar ad scheduled by you.  Promo Blog is  750-1250 word requirement, written by you, with 1-3 pictures included.

Top Search Results ($50)

Top search results are good for 1 year and are only available as an add on to the Directory + Ad Package. Anytime one of your keywords are used while searching the directory, your business will have the top search result (like the top results within Google).  Only three top search spots are available for each category.  

Directory Only ($77)

1 year business profile in the directory

Ad Package ($34)

1 Promo Blog, a 2-week 300 x 250 pixel sidebar ad and a 1-week 728×90 header add, all published per your schedule.  Promo Blog is  750-1250 word requirement, written by you, with 1-3 pictures included.  This is a $50 value.

Header Ad – A la carte ($22)

1 week 728 x 90 pixel header ad, published per your schedule

Ad Duration

Sidebar Ad – A la carte ($8)

1 week 300 x 250 pixel sidebar ad, published per your schedule

Ad Duration

Promo Blog – A la carte ($12/$25)

Promo Blog is  750-1250 word requirement, with 1-3 pictures included.  Published per your schedule.  Blog is self written for $12 or written by the A Mom Around Town staff for $25.  *One time fee, but lifetime placement.

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A Mom Around Town’s mission is like yours: Serve moms and families in our community. 

Our Directory and Advertisement options reach your target audience in a unique way, providing credibility with potential customers.  The feature and promotional options allow you to connect with readers and impact more than just where they spend their money…but how they see themselves, their health and their family.

Join us, let’s impact families and grow our businesses together!

What Businesses are Saying about Us

So happy we partnered up with A Mom Around Town!  We were new to the business world and wanted to grow organically and through word of mount.  Being featured on @amomaroundtownstl allowed us to keep our vision, reach more women in the area and grow our business.  And, it truly GREW!  our membership increased by 20%!


If I sign up for the directory only and want to add on the Ad Package, can I do that?

Yes, absolutely! You can update your plan through the dashboard.  Email info@amomaroundtown.com for help.

How do I cancel my plan?

We’re sad to see you go and would love to know why this isn’t working for you anymore.  You can tell us and get instructions for canceling by emailing info@amomaroundtown.com.  

How is A Mom Around Town Different than Yelp, Fun4Kids or Macaroni Kids?

We love each of these other websites and apps, and the mom-focused directories are great for a mom that has time to look through the listings.  They have tons of categories and really great camp and event information, BUT they aren’t easily searchable and they aren’t super mobile.  For a mom on the go, that needs a solution at her fingertips and wants to filter for the ages or her kids or the type of business she wants…A Mom Around Town is what she needs.  What about Yelp, isn’t it super mobile friendly?  Yes, but it isn’t meant for families, the “good for kids” option is general and not descriptive for what a mom really cares about.  And one more thing, we really care about small businesses and connecting them to the customers that want to find them.  Whew, ok, clearly we’re passionate about that one!

My business is online, is this a good fit?

YUP!  We have an “online” location option and a special place in our heart for other online-penuers.

I’m not located in St.Louis, can I do this?

You sure can!  We will continue to expand outside of St.Louis, email us at info@amomaroundtown.com if you want to talk more about your area and how we can help you where you are.

Most people want to see my menu, can I display that?

There is an option to attach a food or services menu within the dashboard.  If you aren’t sure how to do that, we can help at info@amomaroundtown.com

I would love to convert directory viewers to customers on the spot, how can I do that?

With Resurva or Timekit, you can book appointments right from your listing.

I have a big event or sale to promote, can you help me there?

You guessed it, yes we can! we have an event calendar that gets promoted to email lists and social media where you can promote your event.  It is on the Events tab on the menu bar and events can be emailed to info@amomaroundtown.com

Do I get routine newsletters from you?

When you sign up for a listing, you are added to an email list that provides information on ways you can improve your listing and new things going on with A Mom Around Town.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

Did we miss your questions – don’t worry we’d love to answer it by email  or phone:

info@amomaroundtown.com  /  309-838-7266

Still now quite sure if this is right for your business? 
I’d love to talk to you more and help you figure out the right place to be.  Call or email me.  

info@amomaroundtown.com   /  309-838-7266


Wow, you made it all the way until the end?  I’m impressed, you are just the kind of detailed person that should be in the directory on A Mom Around Town!