Why I Started A Mom Around Town

Hi, I’m Sam!  I am mom to a crazy little two year old, wife of 7 years and creator of A Mom Around Town.

I started A Mom Around Town simply because I needed help!   When my little guy was first born, I searched forever for mom groups, lactation support, things to get me out of the house and a places with clean changing areas and enough room to push my stroller around.

Every time I found a business or person who was able to help make my life a bit easier, I wanted to shout it from the roof top and tell everyone about it.  So I started to think about how I could put that information out there and hoped there would be other moms that could benefit from it.  And from there, A Mom Around Town was born!

A Bit About Me

I’m from the midwest, the baby girl with two older brothers.  I grew up playing soccer and still love to play anytime I can.  I met my husband while we were both in college and after we got married, we were on the rolling 5 year baby plan (anytime we were asked when we’d have kids, the answer was 5 years!)

Those 5 years finally were up in February, 2017 when our baby boy was early and quick (we didn’t make it to the hospital, but that’s a story for another day!).  I went from being a Global Operational Excellence Specialist for a huge company, traveling often and planning my own schedule, to being at the beck and call to a tiny screaming creature.  Those first weeks were rough…

But after awhile I got the hang of it, and figured out my routine.  I’m a pretty big planner, I plan everything and I’m still adapting to my plans being changed by nap times and melt downs.

I quickly learned that being a mom is tough and requires a lot of prayer, a lot of patience and an abundance of snacks!

I can’t put eye liner on to save my life, long to be more stylish than I am, usually sing the lyrics wrong but will do it at the top of my lungs, and dance like the most typical white girl you’ve ever seen.

I think you now know all the good stuff!

What I Believe In

It is very important to me that A Mom Around Town stands for something and upholds my core values.  I commit to always:
  1. Give parents relief from their struggles and concerns by giving them easy access to the resources/services they need
  2. Talk openly about the struggles of parenthood, as well as faith, love, grace, acceptance and forgiveness
  3. Be inclusive of all families
  4. Promote healthy lifestyle
  5. Never judge of make parents feel guilty
  6. Give businesses (large, small, non-profit) a platform to reach parents
  7. Partner with businesses who are aligned with our mission
  8. Promote God-focused groups, events and businesses
  9. Serve by building community between businesses and families
  10. Grow to meet the needs and current struggles of parents