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Are you pregnant and unsure about your birth plan?

Do you have a hospital bag packed but don’t know what to do once the baby is born?

I talk to moms everyday that are nervous about labor and feel unprepared for the weeks after the baby is born.  First time moms don’t know what to expect and repeat moms are unsure how to manage a newborn AND siblings.  They search the internet but find conflicting advice and unclear direction.
I created the Birth and Postpartum Planning Package to be the ultimate planning service for moms-to-be.
What most pregnant women miss is the is someone to understand their specific questions and provide help for their individual concerns.  
Other planning resources don’t provide individualized information which just isn’t working for busy moms-to-be!
That’s why I’m so excited to bring you the Birth and Postpartum Planning Package!

Why Use The A Mom Around Town Birth and Postpartum Planning Package?

Pinterest is chalk full of birth planning work sheets, you don’t have to look hard to find something where you can write down your list of desires.  But what they don’t do is take into consideration the mindset and emotional piece, which is individual to YOU!
A cookie cutter birth planning worksheet isn’t going to listen to your concerns, provide you relevant information and give you confidence in your decisions.  You will only get that with A Mom Around Town’s Birth and Postpartum Planning Package because the worksheets address your list of desires AND your mindset – but then you get to talk through your plan with a birth expert!
On top of that, there is an entire worksheet for postpatum also!  So many plans stop at birth and don’t help you prepare for the weeks after the baby comes.  But this planning package provides both!

What You Get in the Planning Package

A Birth Planning Worksheet

A Postpartum Planning Worksheet

30 minute call with the founder of A Mom Around Town

Confidence in your birth and postpartum plans

Your questions answered about all things birth or postpartum

Follow up and check ins after your due date

Support and peace of mind

And you get ALL of this for $27!


This is for you if:

 – You are a first time mom
 – You are not a first time mom
 – You want to be proactive introducing baby to older siblings or pets
 – You are prone to depression or anxiety
 – You are nervous or worried about labor
 – You feel unprepared for the weeks after the birth
 – You have unanswered questions about birthing options
 – You are interested in hiring a doula
 – You are concerned about older siblings acting out
 – You have a limited support system near you
 – You have a great support system but want some direction
 – You want to feel confident in your birth and postpartum plan!

This is NOT for you if:

 – You have no questions about birth or postpartum
 – You already have a doula to help with birth and postpartum planing
 – You don’t have access to a computer or phone for a Zoom, Skype or telephone call (but even then, we’ll make something work!)
 – You don’t need to be prepared for the birth or postpartum period
 – There are no older siblings, pets, or partners to prepare for this birth, everyone is ready to go 






Ready to be confident in your birth and postpartum strategy and get all your questions answered? 

Click below to get started!

How Does This Work / FAQ

What happens after I purchase?

Once you are ready to purchase the Birth and Postpartum Planning Package (good choice by the way), you can hit any of the red buttons on this page and you’ll go to a purchase page where you can use a credit or debit card to buy the package.  You will then be taken to a scheduling page to set up your call with me and you’ll receive an email with the worksheets.

How do I get my worksheets and expert calls?

After the purchase is completed, you will be taken to a scheduling page to set up your call with me and you’ll receive an email with the worksheets.

How much $ is it again?

The Birth and Postpartum Planning Package is $27 – that is 4 worksheets and 30 minutes of calls, a $105 value!

Now you have my email, will I get routine newsletters from you?

Yes, you will get follow up and check in emails from me as well as the weekly newsletter.   This monthly newsletter will have great resources for you as a mom and give great tips for managing #momlife!  You can unsubscribe at any time, no hard feelings here!

Are there refunds?

No, refunds are not available because you are receiving time and information from someone.  If you aren’t satisfied with your calls, let us know and we’ll make it right.  If you go into labor before you can use your birth planning resources, don’t worry, the call is good for a YEAR after the baby is born, and trust me, you’ll want some advice at some point in time!

Do you have any free resources for me to see first?

We sure do!  Check out To Doula or Not To Doula, your ultimate guide to what a doula is and what she can do for you!

Did we miss your questions – don’t worry we’d love to answer it by email  or phone:

info@amomaroundtown.com  /  309-838-7262


About Me

I’m Sam, I created A Mom Around Town because I needed help!  I needed help finding lactation support, a mom group to visit, and getting dinner on the table!
The goal of the directory and the blog is to give moms and moms-to-be resources that help make their lives easier.  From finding a doula to a counselor, a sleep consultant to a lactation support group or just a coffee shop with a changing table, A Mom Around Town has it for you!
I love being a mom, but I also know that it is one tough job, so I want to connect moms with people and services that can help!  I’m also a planner by nature, so this Birth and Postpartum Planning Package is right up my ally.  It is what I wish I had when I was pregnant!